1. Sneaky Storage Tricks

By  on October 29, 2012
From: http://survivallife.com/2012/10/29/sneaky-storage-tricks/
  • Stock up on your toiletries and stack them in such a way that they make a wall inside the cabinet or under the sink.  Aside from having a large stock of Charmin and Ivory soap at your disposal, having a wall of toiletries in a cabinet will keep most thieves moving as few people will dig beyond them. After all they are not there to freshen up. This makes them a prime spot to store valuables behind.
  • Laundry hampers are rarely considered anything but bins for dirty clothes. Consider placing a dummy hamper in a corner of a closet. Then store items like handguns, coins and heavier items wrapped in a towel at the bottom. Stack clean sheets or maybe some of those excess towels on top. If anyone picks it up, the weight is explained by the contents and odds are they won’t give it a second thought. Just make sure you don’t actually wash any of the stuff in the hamper.
  • Remember that decorative items can work as great hiding places. Money clipped behind picture frames is a parlor trick well known from many movies. But what about hiding cash inside decorative vases and jars in the corner of the bathroom? Place a bouquet of fake flowers on the top of the vase and maybe some rocks or marbles to mask the valuables hidden inside. This will keep suspicions from being aroused.
  • Thieves often check under the master bedroom bed for hidden money and guns. It is rare however that they will check under a stack of towels in the master bathroom as often. For even better concealment, leave a copy or two of magazines pushed in among towels to appear as if that is what is hidden in that stack of towels.
  • Find an old jar from the pantry with an opaque label, clean it out and use it to store valuables or ammo.  In a burglary situation, odds are the thief isn’t going to raid your pantry. Just make sure that you line the jar with cotton or something else to keep the contents from rattling around inside.

2. “Our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself.” ‘Kushandwizdom’ on Pinterest

3. “The Lord will not open doors that we are not prepared to enter.” Spencer W. Kimball