Let me know if I send the same tips or quotes out! That is not my intention. 🙂

1.  They say that if you tape a toy snake to the top of your car, birds won’t poop on it.

2. “We seem to have this idea that there is a right and perfect time for everything in our lives. Rather than let nature take its course, we tend force things, forgetting that resistance kills our flow. When life doesn’t go according to plan or according to our timelines, we take action out of fear, ultimately resulting in situations that could damage our futures. We limit the possibilities in our future because of our fear and anxiety in the present.  Actions we take out of fear produce subpar results at best, while those taken from a place of peace and patience enable us to tap into what we’re truly capable of.” http://theskooloflife.com/wordpress/the-truly-great-things-in-life-are-worth-waiting-for/

3.”Anyone can find God alone in the sunset. It takes a certain maturity to find God in the person sitting next to you who has different political views, or when a baby who is crying while you’re trying to listen to the sermon.” Lillian Daniel