I have always loved this poem. Wouldn’t the world be different if everyone treated one another this way?
Blessed Are They

Blessed are they who are pleasant to live with —

Blessed are they who sing in the morning;

Whose faces have smiles for their early adorning;

Who come down to breakfast companioned by cheer;

Who don’t dwell on troubles or entertain fear;

Whose eyes smile forth bravely; whose lips curve to say:

“Life, I salute you! Good morrow, new day!”

Blessed are they who are pleasant to live with —

Blessed are they who treat one another,

Though merely a sister, a father or brother,

With the very same courtesy they would extend

To a casual acquaintance or dearly loved friend;

Who choose for the telling encouraging things;

Who choke back the bitter, the sharp word that stings;

Who bestow love on others through the long day —

Pleasant to live with and blessed are they.”

Wilhelmina Stitch –  from the 1940’s collection
‘Poems That Touch the Heart’


Wilhemina Stitch