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This was an incredibly cold winter, and I’ve spent the bulk of it sitting at my court reporting machine trying to learn how to type on it. But you can’t sit in one spot for hours…it’s just not healthy.

After the misadventures I had last year driving my car in the oft-horrible winter weather conditions of western New York, I figured I had to come up with some way to exercise indoors. Here is one idea I came up with.

I decided to make my own Stair Climber. (I mean really, who needs to pay $6549.99 for a Stair Climber machine??) I decided I could do just as well by simply running up the stairs on all fours, like a cat would. It’s such a simple thing to do.

Yes, that’s what I decided to do. Run up and climb down my stairs. (The coming-back-down part is merely a reversal of the going-up process and is surprisingly more difficult than going up, for some reason, but starts to feel more natural as time goes on).

You can change this exercise up by coordinating your hands and feet in different patterns, and make it more difficult by reaching a little further than feels comfortable, or going upward in bursts of speed.

So now I just set my timer to go off every 30 minutes and go do a set of 5 or 10 stair-climbing exercises. This has been a good thing. I’ve learned several things from this exercise.

1. In order to exercise, you don’t necessarily have to have expensive equipment that takes up a lot of room. Nor do you have to go to a gym or even go outside to exercise.

2. This exercise is good for your heart, your abs, your legs & butt, and probably your arms.

3. Exercise makes your new self feel better than your old self.

4. You can go for a lot longer if you keep yourself well-hydrated.

5. Carpeting your stairs is definitely a good thing.

6. It’s surprising how dirty people’s stairs can get… 🙂