I found this wonderful idea on Somewhatsimple.com. It’s a way to keep little ears tuned in to LDS General Conference.

Here’s what she says:

“I set up a little “shop” on the table in the family room. The shop has treats and small items from the dollar store, like notepads, crayons, candy etc.

“Before conference starts, I give each of my kids $2 in Conference Cash. If they sit quietly during the speakers, they can earn more. If they are rowdy, fighting or not paying attention, they lose their conference cash.

“At the end of each talk, we pause conference and I ask them each questions about who spoke and what topic they spoke on. They can earn more Conference Cash if they are able to answer my questions.

“Before we start the TV again, they get a trip to the “store” where they can purchase whatever they have money for.

“My kids absolutely LOVED this idea, and I’ve actually never seen them pay such close attention and be so quiet while conference was on- it was fabulous!””

This smart mom even gives you a free download for the Conference Cash. I love it, and wish my kids were still little so I could do this with them.

I miss my kids being little! 😦