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Prices are going up for beef, wheat (meaning bread, pasta, cereal!), milk and dairy products, chocolate and cocoa, wild fish, stamps and peaches. (And probably a few other things we don’t know about yet).

So…what’s the solution? Hmm…well, we could try eating more plant-based proteins, such as lentils, quinoa, brown rice, etc., which are all really good for you. In fact, watch that Netflix movie called “Forks Over Knives.” This details what happened in Norway when the Germans took all their meat & livestock. Their health problems practically disappeared. (I’m talking cancer, heart disease, etc.) Then they got meat again, and all their health problems came back. Isn’t there a lesson to be learned from this?

I’ve got a really good lentil soup recipe. Wow, I had no idea they could taste so good. I learned about it on Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” program.

We can also stock up on all these things while they’re still relatively cheap. (Some things are going up by 25%, I understand). (I am definitely going to clear out some shelves at Aldi’s).

We can buy a cow (if zoning laws permit, which ours don’t….but what can I say? I live in a little, rural town in New York, the heart of restrictive law-dom). Or start liking chicken more.

Or we can start using some of the wheat in all those buckets we’ve got downstairs. (You HAVE been accumulating basic food to keep you alive during emergencies, right? If not, notwithstanding the higher prices, now is a great time to at least GET STARTED, because the way our economy is going, you’re gonna need it!) I’ve got a wheat grinder and can make Morning Glory Muffins that are out of this world, using freshly-ground whole wheat flour.

I have a pasta maker, but I ruined it by experimenting with polymer clay. It will take a major overhaul to get it functioning again. But that’s a way to save some money on pasta.

Of course, now would be a great time to start growing a garden. There are so many fabulous tips and ideas on Pinterest, you just wouldn’t believe it. We can grow indoors, outdoors, up, down, in the shade, in the sun, in a drought, year-round…there is just no limit on what we can do with a garden. Of course, like Gordon B. Hinckley said, without hard work, you just grow weeds.

Along with growing a garden comes eating fresh (even organic!) produce and learning how to save what we’ve grown. Great new recipes, better health, new things to learn…what’s not to love?

Another thing we can do is buy Forever Stamps. I hate to buy stamps, because I can remember when they were a nickel. It’s hard to make myself pay almost half a dollar just to mail an envelope. But that will save us a few pennies here and there.

About the chocolate. I have a friend who hates chocolate. I swear, the more I hang around with her, the more I dislike chocolate as well! I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t even like it much anymore. So, if you’re having trouble with the chocolate prices, you need to find a friend like my friend Patsy. Good luck with that.

So, all is not lost! Food prices may be going up, but we just might get some good out of it yet.